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Essential Info

How does Edain Ranked work?
Edain Ranked is a ranking system for Edain Mod pvp players, which uses replay submissions to add/remove points to each player. Additionally, each replay submited gets displayed in the Replay Database, where you can download games from other players to learn their strategies, how the matchups play, the current Meta, etc. From all the replays, we are able to get some Statistics, which provide interesting information about balance, player preferences, and other factors.

Getting Started

All the website is public, but in order to upload replays you need to register. This is necessary to avoid anonymous players submitting games, which could lead to cheating. You can easily register and start uploading games. Make sure you read the rules first!

Finding players

In order to find players, you need to get familiar with BFME's multiplayer scene, which involves 3rd party software to work. The most widely used programs are Gameranger and Hamachi, for which many guides already exist.
As Edain's pvp community is quite small, finding players in Gameranger can get tricky. I strongly suggest to get into Edain's unnoficial Discord Servers, to get in touch with other players easily, and participate in discussions about the mod, the pvp experience, etc. Take note, that some players prefer not to use the ranking system for various reasons. As stated in the rules, always ask before the game starts if your opponent wants the game to be uploaded, and use some tag (for example, MaxPow{ER}) to indicate your intent to play ranked games. Otherwise, the game won't be valid and will be removed, and the points reseted.

How does the ranking work?

Edain Ranked is based on an ELO system, like Chess. This system takes into account both players' rating in order to calculate a new rating. For example, losing a game vs a higher ranked opponent will make you lose less points than if you lose against somebody of your level or lower. You will get 1000 ELO points upon register, and start winning/losing as soon as your replay gets submitted.

Seasons and events

The ladder experience is divided into seasons, each lasting approximately 3 months. At the end of each season, the ranking is saved and displayed, an Edain-related event can take place (such as a tournament, mini-league, showmatches...) and the ladder gets a soft-reset, similar to League of Legends ladder. The exact calculation is:

((Current ELO - 1000) / 2) + 1000 = Soft Reset ELO

((950 - 1000) / 2) + 1000 = 975
((1200 - 1000) / 2) + 1000 = 1100

Improving and learning

Playing a competitive RTS game is always challenging, specially for newcomers. Having your games ranked and losing to other players can be discouraging and lead to loss of motivation. For this reason, a correct mindset is required. First of all, realize that EVERYBODY loses. Even experienced players with years of experience and high understanding of the game lose quite a lot. And they lost even more when they were starting. The difference between a good and a bad player is not the amount of loses, but the way they handle defeat. You will be in a good path if you keep learning from your mistakes and practising the essential skills needed to succeed.
For this purpose, I have compiled the best guides available in the links section.

Have fun and enjoy!